6ix9ine Will Hire Floyd Mayweather Jr’s The Great Wall Security Team For 24 Hours A Day And Pay Them $1.5 Million Dollars A Year

Tekashi 69 is supposedly coming out of prison soon and it appears that snitching has made him a laughing stock of hip-hop, but you know the old Hollywood saying: "Any publicity is good publicity."

Tekashi is about to live that to the fullest and try to prove that it's not hard out here for a snitch. 

Being locked up and becoming a Federal snitch to bring down the Nine Trey Blood gang and its hierarchy hasn't hurt Tekashi's marketability one bit. And if you think, niggas ain't fuckin with him when he comes home, you're wrong.

Sad, but true.

Tekashi has already linked a $10 million deal with his old label. There are rumors that P. Diddy will manage him. The latest hint that Tekashi is coming home to a similar type of fame and hate that he had before he left, are reports that he's hired Floyd Mayweather Jr's "The Great Wall" security team  for 24 hours a day and will pay them $1.5 million a year.

Looks like Tekashi is getting ready for an eventful return to hip-hop.

This is a very smart move by 6ix9ine who turned down the governments help in protecting him with Witness Protection. What do you guys think is this a smart investment for 6ix9ine?


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